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Adding a photo booth to your wedding reception or other event is a great way to capture creative pics of guests while also providing a fun activity!

Agua Linda Farm offers a few options for photo booth set ups so you should be able to get the look and feel that you want by going with us as your vendor AND, one of the benefits to using us is there is no time limit to the use of backdrops and props - we live here and the supplies are stored here, so even if your event goes on for 5 hours, for one flat fee (which is comparable to the hourly minimum of other vendors who will then charge for additional hours!), the fun continues into the night, which, quite frankly, is when guests have loosened up and photos get sillier and sillier!

All of our photo booth options come with backdrop and fun props.  It is up to you to choose the sort of images that you would like to have.

Camera Options

1. *We provide "selfie-sticks" and a sign with your personal hashtag link for guests to take their own shots with their own devices and share, no cost.

2. For a small rental fee, $20 and cost of film, 2 instamatic cameras will be provided.  These take instant mini-photos that are great for either collecting in a basket or attaching to a photobook with a place for guests to write a note (you provide).

3. Remember the old instamatic cameras that took larger pictures than the new ones?  Well, we still have ours and now polaroid makes film for them again (yay!!).  For a $20 rental fee and cost of film, this camera is also available.

Open Air Photo Booths

Photo booth wall with cuts outs.  Add some family photos to personalize, if you like.


Includes wall, props, and selfie stick.  Vintage chairs, old suitcases can also be added, no cost.

This backdrop is custom designed to attach to a structure located near cocktail hour.

Photo booth wall.  Add some family photos to personalize, if you like or leave bare.


Includes wall, props, and selfie sticks.  Vintage chairs, old suitcases can also be added, no cost.