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Get This Look!

Inspirational ideas to make your event stand out from the rest...

This page is dedicated to ideas that we have found that can easily be re-created here at Agua Linda Farm because of a similar setting and the  in-house rentals and items from our Something Borrowed Collection that we offer.  Some shots are taken here in a style shoot setting or previous weddings here and others are shots from weddings elsewhere meant to inspire!

Wine Barrels

Love wine barrels!

Here are 3 ideas (there are many others!) to inspire their use for your day!

Get this look!  We have 2 wine barrels for rent, with or without plank top and a smaller potato barrel (from our family farm in Maine!) Also, from our Something Borrowed Collection, lace doilies, cake stands, galvanized buckets, white bride's umbrella

Vintage Bed in the Garden

LOVE this! - Photos are from Kate Moss's boho-inspired wedding with her flower girls and the groom.  Great for engagement shoot or bridal shots with her maids. 

Get this look! We have a similar vintage twin bed that can be set in a garden area with with white linens and pillows (included!).   $150

Note the English Ivy around girl's heads!  We have that growing here - help yourself!

Suitcases & More!

Get this look! with our similar Something Borrowed and  in-house rentals: Borrow: vintage suitcases; vintage typewriter;  shabby chic ladder; old books; doilies; vintage cameras, "&" sign, vintage letter cards  

Add your own family photos and some flowers and you can completely re-create this look for no cost!!

Photo Booth Wall

Ours is is pictured on left.  Add some family photos to wall, if you like as the shot below shows. See our rental collection to Get this look!

English Inspired Croquet & Tea!

LOVE this idea! Have a croquet theme cocktail hour (we rent a variety of lawn games) - or have games going for the whole event (best for daytime reception!) or book the venue for a next-day family brunch - on our fabulous green lawns and under shade trees, of course!  Encourage guests to wear hats, maybe everyone wears traditional white - have a cigar bar, serve mint juleps (lots of mint here on the farm - our bartenders would be happy to incorporate for you!), use our lovely vintage china.... PERFECT! You could spread quilts in the grass for lounge areas with our vintage boxes or suitcases to set drinks and fill picnic baskets with appetizer goodies! Get this look! with items from our Something Borrowed Collection; vintage suitcases, picnic and other baskets, rustic boxes and from our in-house rental options add china tea cups/dishes, vintage croquet set, lace table overlays.

Cowboy or English Equestrian Theme

If you love horses - English or Western - or if you are a country girl/guy at heart - we have something in common soooo, we have TONS of props from our days of English show jumping and western cowboying perfect to create this theme!  Get this look!  From our Something Borrowed Collection; western or English saddle, bridle, horseshoes, "trophy" style flower bucket, vintage suitcases, cowhide; cowboy boots, lasso.  For rent; red lanterns, hay bales.  Add your flowers and, voila!  

Picnic Wedding or Family Gathering

Great engagement shoot ideas! Spread vintage quilts in the grass and serve food out of one of our picnic baskets!  Use our vintage suitcases and our old wooden boxes for a "table" to set drinks, a vase of flowers, a candle or kerosene lantern, perhaps.  Add a couple of our picnic tables (or regular tables and chairs) for guests who may not be up for getting up and down off the ground!  Great with our lawn game package and the "Cantina After Party" up-grade for the younger crowd to dance later in the night! 

Get this look using items from our "Something Borrowed Collection including vintage suitcases, baskets, picnic baskets, chalkboards.  Add your quilt/blanket and some flowers and the look is complete.

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