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This page contains some advice, tips, guidelines and a couple of restrictions that you should keep in mind when planning your event at Agua Linda Farm.  It's a lot of information that we hope you find helpful!  If you have a question  that isn't answered here or even an idea you would like to share or get feedback on - feel free to email us!  

  • When are payments due?
    Your deposit is due at the time of booking. and is non-refundable and non-transferrable. We do not offer give deposit refunds even if your date is re-booked. You are welcome to make payments along the way, but all payments and non-refundable. 50% of balance is owed 120 days prior to your event and is non-refundable at that time. Balance of location fee and any upgrades, if applicable is due is due 30 days prior.
  • How can I make payments?
    Payments can be made with checks, money orders, cash or via Zelle. We do not accept credit or debit cards. Always inform us as to which method you will be using. Often, Zelle payments need to be broken up into multiple days due to your banks limits allowed.
  • Do you require that we purchase insurance?
    Yes, like most venues, we require that you purchase a liability rider for your event. The easiest way to take care of that is by going to the vendor tab on our website and clicking on the link to Event Helper - an online liability policy will open and will automatically fill in our information and email us a copy. Add the day after and the day prior (if you will be doing a rehearsal onsite). This will not add to the cost but will give you coverage for those times on sight, too. This protects you if someone is injured during your event. It is not cancellation or weather, etc. coverage which we do not require but do recommend . You can fill out their online quote request without entering your email before purchasing so you can see the cost without ending up on an annoying email list! If you choose to go with another company, be sure that you have a $2,000,000 minimum coverage and list “Loew Co, LLC” as additionally insured (which, again, should not cost you additional).
  • Can I add overtime?
    Yes. You can add overtime as late as midnight (see cost worksheet for pricing). Hours must be added ahead of time and paid for in advance. No refunds if you change your mind that night. We do allow one “on the fly” hour - this allows you to make a decision to add one hour that night. We will check in with you at last call ( 45 minutes before end time) to see what you have decided. To have this option, we need to know that it is a possibility and and we need a check made our ahead of time due at your 30 day final payment date. No additional time may be added that night. *For events going as late as 10PM, add a second day to your required liability rider - this should not cost you additional).
  • Can I provide my guests a shuttle?
    Yes, please do! There are shuttle service links on the Vendor page of the website. Guests are permitted to leave cars overnight. Large Greyhound size buses do not fit down our driveway due to our awesome trees.
  • Attire
    Remind your guests that they will be outside at a farm. Though many ladies may opt to wear heels anyway, others will appreciate the warning and wear more sensible shoes (wedge heels do not sink in grass and cowgirl boots are cute and comfy!). Some couples provide a basket of cheap flip-flops for those who did not go sensible and need a change later in the evening. Remind guests to dress for the weather. Out of town travelers may want to pack a couple of options and maybe even throw in an umbrella just in case! Kids love taking advantage of visiting the animals and running around the farm – give parents a heads-up!
  • Getting Here
    Do your guests have a copy of a map to the farm? There is one on the Contact page of our website. Many of the navigational websites are not clear in our area and relying on those could get your guests lost. We will have a sign on the overpass directing guests south and one or two along the dirt road. If your event will include alcohol, you may want to remind guests to have a designated driver (note: for insurance and liability reasons, we do not allow guests to “self-serve” alcohol). Some couples rent shuttle vans to move guests to and from a hotel. We don’t mind if cars are left behind for the night – safety first!
  • Parking
    We will make sure that someone is in the front directing people where to park 20 minutes before your ceremony. If your guests need to drop of an elderly or handicapped person, they should tell the parking attendant who will direct them where to drop folks off before parking. Please tell your family/bridal party, or anyone who will be arriving early to not park in the driveway (ask us ahead of time where they should park). We will not be directing parking until 20 minutes before guests arrive. We like to prevent people from parking in the driveway as this causes congestion and detracts from the beauty of the ranch and your photographs, (with the exception of the bride and groom’s “getaway” car, of course, if needed). Please advise caterers and other service people including family/friends who are dropping stuff off of where they should park (check with us in advance as this changes depending on where you will be setting up). It is unfortunate when a vehicle is in the way of a great view or photo during the event.
  • Is the property handicap accessible?
    This is an outdoor venue with uneven ground, however, there are no stairs to navigate. Bathrooms are pre-existing and not wheelchair accessible so, if that is something you require, we need to be notified at least a month prior (when your headcount is due) so that we can arrange a portable unit brought in.
  • Who is responsible for which tasks?
    We at Agua Linda Farm not wedding coordinators, nor do we offer that service. Be sure to have plenty of folks to assist on the day of your event to be sure your day goes smoothly. We recommend hiring a coordinator, however, if this is not in your budget, assign someone to the job. This should be a friend or family member who knows you well but is not in the bridal party. This person should know who all your service people are, where things are being set up, the schedule of the day, who the parents/grandparents are, the timeline of the event and more. Assign this person tasks like directing guests once they have come into the yard, directing them to sit for the ceremony and telling you when they are seated. He/she should have contact information for all your vendors including my phone number for texting/calls throughout the day. We do not set or bus tables or fold napkins (assign someone or ask your caterer - (see catering responsibilities below). You MUST hire a caterer that provides busing service, hire additional staff to bus through us or pay a clean-up promise deposit if you plan to DIY cleaning/busing.. Our in-house DJ will work off of the Music Planner that you fill out and will also MC. This assists in the flow of the event and is customizable as the reception goes on so if you decide to cut the cake early, for example, just have someone let him know. If you plan on getting here early the day of your event, let us know so we can have ceremony chairs and reception tables placed for you to decorate (if needed) (no earlier than 9:30). Linens should be set out as late as possible, especially if your reception is under trees – bird and berry droppings can get messy. We will place tablecloths when you or your caterers or other helpers are ready to decorate tables. Our bartender will set up and clean up the bar and will arrive about an hour before bar service (after ceremony, unless other arrangements have been made) to ice down and set up.
  • Can we have an outside caterer?
    At Agua Linda, we allow you to bring in the caterer of your choice - we do recommend that you consult us first before hiring someone not on our recommended vendor list. We have had one or two very bad experiences (we won’t name names...) so there are a couple of caterers who are not welcome back - check with us when you think you are narrowing down your choices. The benefit of choosing one of the caterers on our list is that there will be no need for you (or me) to meet with them ahead of time - they know the space and they know us... and... they do a good job. We have recently partnered with a few of our favorite caterers to give you a better idea of menu and costs. See the catering page of this website. Unlike most venues, ALF will allow you to not only hire the caterer of your choice, but you can also prepare your own food, HOWEVER, your caterer must supply us with proof of their insurance with Agua Linda Farm listed as additionally insured or, if you're doing your own food, that you have purchased your own insurance rider (we recommend and sign a food liability waiver. Agua Linda staff is not responsible for any food related tasks other than moving tables in position. Other than guest tables, tablecloths and cloth napkins and buffet tables, we do not provide food related utensils or dish ware (unless you are renting our vintage mismatched china). Caterers (or other folks arranged by you) must be made aware that they are responsible for folding napkins (we provide), setting tables, buffet and busing tables, scraping and stacking dishes or clearing/throwing away disposables and disposing of their trash in our dumpster and leaving the space clean. If you are hiring a caterer who has never worked here before THEY MUST SCHEDULE A VISIT WITH US - you do not need to attend. At ALF we strive to be flexible and allow you to hire the caterer that fits your needs and budget, however, full, professional busing service MUST be provided, our in-house busing package added or a $300 clean-up deposit will be applied to your final payment. Busing Options (select one) - hire a caterer that provides busers until END of event - arrange to have us hire additional staff to bus until end of event - pay a $300 clean-up deposit if you plan on DIYing the busing. This deposit is refundable if tables are promptly bused (no piles of food covered plates left stacked at tables all night - this reflects poorly on us as a venue - and complete busing/clean-up of tables throughout event including final clean-up of remaining glassware, bottles, cups, dessert plates when event has ended.
  • Can we have outside vendors?
    We provide in-house DJ and bar service. We do not allow outside vendors for bar service. You may hire a different DJ, but no discount will be given if you do so. If you want the fire-pit addition, that must be provided by us. Note: all large installations - tent, stage, dance floor (we have a permanent dance floor, but sometimes clients want one brought in), etc. MUST go through us and are subject to our approval.
  • Can we have a live band?
    Yes. You are welcome to have live musicians for your ceremony or background music during cocktail hour/dinner and they can patch in to Stewart’s (our DJ) system. A full live band requires an additional $150 in sound reinforcement/lighting up-grade. You may want to have you band supply a stage (or arrange for us to bring one in). Note: all large installations - tent, stage, dance floor (we have a permanent dance floor, but sometimes clients want one brought in), jumping castle, etc. MUST go through us and are subject to our approval.
  • Do you offer Lodging?
    On-site lodging is not available, however, there are many options nearby. See lodging page for details. Our neighboring ranch, The Historic Shankle Ranch is our most popular option!
  • What happens if it rains?
    We have plenty of space for event tents. Ask us to reserve a weather contingent tent. You would need to make final decision a week prior and is subject to availability and you would assume the rental and installation cost. There is no indoor space available to move reception. In some cases, the event tent install would need to be in the front yard.
  • Can we have a tent?
    Absolutely! An event tent can really create a cozy space for small receptions or, especially with some fun lighting, a very festive space for larger events! In fact, it is a good idea to reserve a tent in case of foul weather - fortunately, this is Arizona (and we don’t do monsoon weddings!), so we are fortunate to have fairly consistently good outdoor weather, but for peace of mind, let us know that you would like us to reserve a weather contingent tent for you. Additional costs apply. Note: all large installations - tent, stage, dance floor (we have a permanent dance floor, but sometimes clients want one brought in), jumping castle, etc. MUST go through us and are subject to our approval. Do not put a deposit down on such items without verifying through us. We will need to discuss insurance, set up/ break down timing and requirements with these vendors. If the vendor does not satisfy our requirements they will not be permitted. This means that having your friend who owns a stage, for example, would likely not satisfy our requirements.
  • What other tasks should I be delegating?
    Be sure that your set-up and clean-up crew is aware of the rules and restrictions as per your contract. For example, we do not allow small, messy items like fake petals, confetti or loose beads to be scattered on tables - these items are too difficult to pick up as the lawn cannot be "vacuumed" - does your decorator know this? It is your responsibility to make sure that they do. Have you borrowed items from our collection? If so, does your clean-up crew know what is ours and what is yours? Taper candles and other candles that would drip are not permitted unless completely contained - be sure your helpers know this or you will be buying damaged linens or paying for clean-up of damaged items. -Who will be setting/decorating the tables? -Who will be lighting candles and at what time? -Flowers should be set out at the last minute on warm days. Make sure someone is assigned this task . Florists usually drop flowers off in the cantina and leave as they prefer to not have arrangements sitting in the sun. We do not have space (other than the pool house or cantina) for flower storage. -If there are going to be kids at your event, you may want to hire someone to be stationed by the pool for safety. -Who will be cleaning up? All of your decorations - even if you consider them garbage at the end of the event - are your responsibility to remove. -Many caterers will “bus” tables for you, but don’t assume – ask! linens and tables/chairs. If we have to “bus” tables (remove plates, silver ware and scrape and stack), you will forfeit your damage/clean-up deposit. -Who is taking home unused alcohol? Assign someone to pick up alcohol at the end of the event. They will need a trunk to put opened bottles in as they could be otherwise cited. -All decorations and other personal items must be removed the SAME NIGHT. Assign people to clear centerpieces, photo- booths, dressing room, etc. Did you decorate the ceremony area? It will not be lit after dark - a good plan is to delegate someone to remove those decorations during the reception.
  • Can we bring our dog?
    Usually, with pre-approval. Our dogs will be freely roaming around property until your guests are scheduled to arrive. They are people and dog friendly. Male dogs are not permitted in the dressing rooms unless kenneled because they will likely "lift a leg" on the furniture as male dogs tend to do in a new place that has the scent of other dogs. Do not bring a dog without discussing it with us first.
  • What are items not allowed?
    No small - hard to clean up - items allowed. Since we are an out door venue, we cannot vacuum up accessive debris so NO - no confetti - no fake loose petals - no real loose petals (except for small amount on aisle) - no nuts in shells - no glitter, loose beads, sequins - no feathered boas (they shed!) - no piles of pins (for dollar dance), no toothpicks, etc. -no balloons filled with confetti - no excessive candy in wrappers Also, any damaged linens are yours to buy, so -no real candles unless contained -no taper candles (even if you do not plan to light because your guests will) -no markers or paints on tables with linens - no glass/candles on the ground ALSO -no releasing of balloons, fire-lanterns


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