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Something Borrowed & Vintage Rentals

The collection of vintage pieces and other props below are made available to Agua Linda clients only.   Hover over image for details or click on image for slide show.  The first selection are props and decorations that can be borrowed at no additional cost, the second collection are large items that can be rented scroll down to the last collection for smaller items available to rent.  

* Please note - you are responsible for replacement of damaged or lost items.  Be sure to tell your clean-up crew which items are not yours and do not allow guests to take flower containers with flowers.  You will be responsible for replacement.  NO REAL CANDLES ARE PERMITTED IN CONTAINERS BORROWED OR RENTED FROM ALF.

To see napkin color options that you are welcome to use, click here.


See our "Get This Look" page for inspiration on incorporating these items.

Something Borrowed

Feel free to borrow these items for no additional cost!


Large Items for Rent

Additional charge to rent these items

Small Items for Rent

Small Rentals

Additional charge to rent these items

*Professional busig is REQUIRED if renting in-house china and/or glassware

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