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Light Up the night!

No matter what, your wedding at Agua Linda will be beautiful, BUT.....





Our In-House Lighting Packages

Enhancing any event with lighting makes a huge difference!  Booking Agua Linda means you will have an in-house sound and lighting professional We have in-house options (therefore, saving you a lot of money!) that can be added to the wedding package.


Theatrical Landscape Lighting also called "up-lighting"will turn giant shade trees (so lovely in daylight, but invisible after dark) into a glowing, magical forest!  OR, add up-lighting to the dance floor pergola with or without Dance Lighting package.  Lights are set up beneath cotton wood and mesquite trees illuminating limbs and leaves creating a magical canopy of light surrounding your reception AND (a bonus!), improving the quality of post sunset photos.


Dance Lighting will transform your dance floor into a pulsing, electric dance party and keep your guests celebrating into the night! This package will transform your reception into a party!   Wedding receptions are often, in a way, two very different celebrations rolled into one.  After the ceremony, guests enjoy all the romantic decorations, traditions and special touches of a lovely gathering of family and friends, but then... it's time to CUT LOOSE!   When you're ready to pump up the volume,  "intelligent" dance/disco lights will motivate your guests to kick up their heels and rock it out!


Dance Floor Up-Lighting: The dance floor is lit with rope lights from above.  If you want more lighting but are not wanting club style lighting, this is a good option and is one that a few of our photographers have requested their clients to add to improve the quality of dance floor photos taken after dark.


Landscape lighting (left, photo by Scott Rice) enhances the reception space and/or beyond adding magical up-lighting to trees and buildings and making for great backdrops for photos at night.

Dance lighting (above, Lisa Foote photo), turns the 3rd act of your event - the time when your guests and YOU finally cut loose - into a dance party celebration! (Dance lighting in the western cantina is standard with the "after party" addition)

Dance Lighting                                                        $400


Landscape Lighting Reception Yard                   $300


Landscape Lighting Ceremony Yard                   $300


Up-Lighting of dance floor                                    $150


Use large flat screen in bar for your

slideshow                                                                   no charge                        





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