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A Southern Arizona Love Story: Cassandra and Mike's Enchanting Elopement at Agua Linda Farm near Tucson

Elopement: Intimate, Peaceful, Personal

Deciding to join together in marriage is one of the most profound decisions a couple can make. It signifies a deep commitment and the start of a lifelong journey filled with shared dreams, challenges, and triumphs. For some, the allure of an intimate elopement holds a special charm. Elopement offers a unique, personal experience, free from the constraints and pressures of a traditional wedding. It allows the couple to focus solely on each other, creating deeply cherished memories in a setting that resonates with their love and individuality. This intimate choice often leads to moments of pure connection, making the union even more meaningful and heartfelt.

Recently, I had the honor of hosting Cassandra and Mike's elopement at my beautiful ranch near Tucson, Arizona, and it was nothing short of magical!

Elopement at Agua Linda Farm near Tucson, Arizona

The bride and groom share a private momment before the ceremony at Agua Linda Farm, wedding venue south of Tucson, Arizona

Our Private Ranch was the Perfect Venue for their Intimate Elopement!

Cassandra and Mike are new to our area near Tucson, Arizona, and, though they have been together for a few years, when they decided to get married, they didn't want to wait! Through a dear friend, they were introduced to me, and I was delighted to offer my ranch as the setting for their special day. With lush green lawns, breathtaking mountain views, mature mesquite and cottonwood trees, and blooming hollyhocks, our ranch provided the perfect backdrop for their intimate elopement ceremony.

Horse Lovers!

One of the crucial elements of their wedding was capturing the memories through photographs. I contacted Kristin Bendigo, a very talented photographer based in Tucson who has shot many weddings at my venue, and when I reached out to see if she could shoot a last minute elopement, she got back to me right away. She was available! Not only is Kristin skilled with the camera, but she also shares Cassandra's love for horses. The bride had requested using my stunning mare for some photos, and Kristin was happy to oblige (and so was Cimmaron!).

The bride and groom with beautiful horse at their wedding near Tucson, Arizona

A Private Moment Shared Between the Couple

Before the vows were exchanged, Mike and Cassandra stepped away and shared some private moments together. Kristin, ever discreet and professional, captured these intimate moments from a distance while Mike's dear friend, Chuck, and I watched quietly. The love and connection between the couple were palpable, making every shot more special.

"I do" Amongst the Flowers

When they were ready, we had chosen a picturesque spot in front of blooming hollyhocks. The couple read the heartfelt, and humorous vows they had written themselves, adding a deeply personal touch to the occasion. I had the privilege of performing a simple yet meaningful ceremony.

The groom dips his bride after the ceremony at AGua Linda Farm near Tucson, Arizona

With Chuck and Kristin as witnesses, the marriage license was signed, and we celebrated with a toast of champagne. The atmosphere was filled with joy and romance as the newlyweds and Kristin set off to capture more beautiful photos around the ranch.

Hosting Cassandra and Mike's elopement was an absolute honor. Witnessing their love and being a part of such a significant moment in their lives was incredibly moving.

The perfect venue for your wedding or event

Congratulations, Cassandra and Mike! May your life together be filled with love, adventure, and countless beautiful memories.


Agua Linda Farm is available for weddings and events for groups as large as 250 and a small as 2! See our website Events page for details.


Laurel Loew, owner/manager of Agua Linda Farm and Soazliving

My venue, Agua Linda Farm is a 63 acre ranch in Southern Arizona near Tucson. My husband and I have been hosting weddings, harvest festivals and other events on our property for more than 15 years. I write my blog posts with my clients in mind but also hope to provide a little inspiration applicable to any wedding or event.

Happy Planning!. - Laurel Loew


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