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You’re the kind of couple who detests the idea of a reception hall and it’s stale, impersonal ambiance. You also hate the idea of sharing your beautiful day with strangers golfing or complaining that your music is too loud! If only your parent’s backyard were bigger! Why didn’t someone in the family hold on to a piece of land somewhere that you could use?

You are determined to find the right venue! It can’t be a commercially run place open to the public - you have no desire to share your day with tourists - this property needs to be that rare unicorn of venues - a private estate large enough to accommodate your guest list with flowers and huge shade trees and green grass… maybe pastures with grazing animals… down a little country road, perhaps, not too far from the city, but far enough that it feels like “the middle of nowhere”… a place that is loved and cared for by a family that have lived there for generations, who are excited to have others “ooo” and “ahhh” over their home and gardens they have tended for decades. This sounds like a place that could only be found in the remote countryside of Italy or some other far away place - ugh - too expensive to travel to… or, could it be that this special gem of a venue is not too far from home…?

If you are on the hunt for a venue for your wedding and are stomping your feet in frustration at the cookie-cutter options you have seen so far, then perhaps an outdoor venue on a family farm is what you are looking for. Look no further. Agua Linda Farm is that place.

Couple embracing in garden with pomegranate tree in foreground.

Bride in groom in front of adobe hacienda with lavender iris blooming.

Agua Linda means “pretty water” and was named for natural springs that bubbled up on sections of the original land grant. It is located in Amado, which, appropriately for a wedding venue location, means “loved” or “beloved”. Southern Arizona has, arguably the best weather for outdoor events of every kind (as long as you avoid July and August) - few rainy days to contend with and warm well into October and even November and spring starting as early as March. Low moisture means low humidity which also means few bugs. Problem with most outdoor Arizona venues, though is newly engaged couples don’t tend to daydream of exchanging their vows beside a jumping cholla cactus or dancing in sand and gravel. Agua Linda is, well …. it sounds sooo cliche but it’s true!… an oasis in the desert! Close to the Santa Cruz River, the water table is high and trees flourish! You get the Arizona climate with the landscape of Wisconsin! AND, this is a privately owned farm/ranch/home. Other than permanently strung cafe lights between trees, a well hidden catering tent and some parking signs, you would never know that this venue hosts dozens of weddings a year. It just feels like a private estate - yours for the day.

Roses blooming in the foreground; pastures and mountains beyond.  Lori O'Toole photography

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