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Colorful 70's Inspired Destination Micro-Wedding Near Tucson, Arizona

Katherine and Luke were on the hunt for a the perfect venue for their destination micro-wedding. When they found my venue, Agua Linda Farm - a private ranch near Tucson, Arizona, they knew they had found the perfect location!

Colorful reception tables
Colorful micro-wedding near Tucson, Arizona

Me: You live in Florida...why did you choose Agua Linda Farm for your Micro-Wedding?

Katherine: "As soon as I saw photos of Agua Linda it felt like where I wanted to have my wedding. We had been looking for mountain views and trees and flowers and there it was, in a state I’d never even been to! Even with a rough connection, one FaceTime tour with Laurel and we were booked! Beyond the natural beauty, the Magical Micro Wedding package was exactly what I was looking for as an out of state bride since, basically, all of my (absolutely amazing) vendors were included and at a great price!"

I am, quite honestly, IN LOVE with Katherine and Luke's wedding! I just can't stop re-visiting these photos! Some are my own shots, others were taken by zzzaphotography.

I mean... look at this color!

Katherine and I did our collaborating over the phone, with emails and sharing of Pinterest inspirational ideas. Katherine wanted color! She described her wedding style as a 70s garden party. Bright colored flowers, her handmade crocheted placemats, 70's inspired stationary accents and a few disco balls (essential to a 70's vibe, of course!) and the perfect garden venue and her vision became reality!

Luke and Katherine met through a dating app. He proposed to her at Capital Reef National Park in Utah. They were hunting for geodes and at sunset, Katherine shares; "We had gotten into the habit of saying, “Will you marry me?” like it meant "I love you" in moments we were feeling extra in love. Luke said it then with a freshly opened geode in his hand and this time, we both knew he meant it".

guests wore bright colored outfits to this micro-wedding wedding near Tucson, Arizona
Guests wore bright colored outfits that complimented the theme. zzzaphotography

Red velvet wedding cake
Cafe a la Carte made a beautiful red velvet wedding cake! zzzaphotography

Me: Tell me about the personal touches in your decor.

Katherine: "Color is the way I express myself, and we did that!! By handcrafting many elements of the wedding, I was able to incorporate my creativity and color from "Save the Date" to "Day Of". Shortly after choosing our venue and theme, I had back surgery and needed something to do. I started crocheting and got the brilliant idea to crochet 200+ granny squares to make placemats for the wedding. I got a lot done on bed rest but less done in the following year. I called Luke in for backup 2 weeks before the day and he learned quickly! We crocheted on the plane to Arizona and the days before the wedding. Of course we didn’t finish, but we had enough and they looked stunning. Luke fell in love with the craft from helping me and has since become better than me (he refuses to admit this)."

granny square placemats for 70's theme micro-wedding
Katherine and Luke crocheted "granny square" placemats.

Katherine: "Luke and I also made the photo backdrop together in a 3 day weekend. He cut the ribbon and I tied it to the base while we listened to records (random ones we’d used as props during our engagement photos) on a record player we’d just thrifted. Such a great weekend!"

A retro 70's theme with disco balls!
The sweetheart table with colorful flowers, Katherine's "granny square" placemats and disco balls! zzzaphotography

Rustic round table with paned doors as a back drop of sweetheart table
Rustic round table with paned doors as a back drop, both Agua Linda props, zzzaphotography

Me: What was your favorite part of your wedding/reception?

Katherine: "Everyone says your wedding goes by fast and man they are not kidding! There was so much planned for ceremony and celebration that my favorite parts were when I had a moment to just take it all in: the natural beauty of the location, the laughter of my friends - so much planning and the hard work bringing everything and everyone together realized."

My favorite part? THAT DRESS! @musebridals offers their dresses in custom colors. Katherine: "They nailed it!"

The bride wore a beautiful peach colored dress!
I LOVED Katherine's peach colored dress. I used peach colored garden roses and yellow poppies with farm grown greenery in her bouquet.

Me: Was there something unusual or extra special that you did for your wedding/reception?

Katherine: "Our unity ceremony was adding to the original “roommate contract” we made when we moved in together 1 month into dating. Notably we amended,

Roommates first, lovers second” to just “ Lovers” and we each added a rule we would like to keep in our marriage."

the groom requested a pocket boutonniere
Luke requested a "pocket" boutonniere. Vest was made by bride. zzzaphotography

Bride and her bridesmaids toasting to the day while getting ready.
The Secret Garden In, 5 minutes away, provided the perfect lodging option right in the historic artist community of Tubac.

Me: Everyone was from out of town. Where did you stay on your wedding weekend?

Katherine: "The Secret Garden Inn in Tubac (less than 10 minutes away) was a gorgeous slice of Tubac that perfectly fit all of our guests and provided an idyllic location for our rehearsal dinner. Having the property all to ourselves (and keeping the alcohol and snacks in our spacious kitchen) made sure my vision of spending the whole weekend having fun with our family and friends came true!

Farm wedding
Our outdoor farm venue was a perfect match for this perfect match! zzzaphotography


As you may already know - I LOVE Micro-Weddings at my venue. It is a time when I get to get my creative juices flowing! I love collecting special pieces and incorporating them into the decor - all included in our Magical Micro-Wedding Package, (see our website for costs)! Katherine and Luke provided a lot of the creative touches. From there, I created the look of a table garland of flowers using multiple containers so that the stems could stand up tall in a whimsical way. All the greenery is grown here on the farm. I used my collection of multicolored water goblets, some of my favorite colorful china pieces and my collection of vintage gold flatware to compliment Katherine's placemats and hand-painted acrylic name cards. The farm tables and chairs were from a local vendor, see below. We set up our in-house lounge furniture with colorful pillows and used my great-grandmothers hutch, that I recently painted turquoise with coral interior, for a coffee bar. For drink service, our bartenders used fresh pink primroses from the garden to add a special, colorful touch. A pair of rustic doors from our in-house collection served as the backdrop for the sweetheart table and we re-purposed the floral swag from the ceremony arch to hang on the doors with some loose fabric draped. Katherine provided the disco balls that were placed here and there for that 70's vibe!

Katherine: Now that the magic has happened, I must say that Laurel is a huge reason to work with Agua Linda. She was so kind and thoughtful in working with me throughout the planning process, made my floral dreams a reality, and I’m sure solved 10 problems I never new about. We definitely would not have had as nice a wedding somewhere else or without her!

THANK YOU, Katherine and Luke!

If you are interested in planning a micro-wedding or would like to book a customized tour of our area for your destination event, let me know - I would LOVE to help your vision a reality!

Venue: Agua Linda Farm, Amado, Arizona

Posters/menus: Drawn/designed by bride, printed at Staples

Farm Tables and cross back chairs: @theeventarizona

Florals and Event Styling: Laurel Loew of Agua Linda Farm

Coordinator: Laurel Loew, Agua Linda Farm Events

DJ: LoewCo Audio, in-house service

Bar Service: @loewandstinebarservice

Photography: @zzzaphotography

Suit: Groom’s Club (custom vest by Katherine) @groomsclub_

Cake/Desserts: @cafealacarttucson

Lodging: The Secret Garden Inn, Tubac

Officiant: @Sonora_rosee

Stationary: Bride


My venue, Agua Linda Farm is a 63 acre ranch in Southern Arizona near Tucson. My husband and I have been hosting weddings, harvest festivals and other events on our property for more than 15 years. I write my blog posts with my clients in mind but also hope to provide a little inspiration applicable to any wedding.

Happy Planning!. - Laurel Loew


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